Thoughts on 3yo3 cosmo

I need some thoughts on the cosmo. There’s a guy on another forum who’ll trade one for a Frantic, but thought I’d see what you guys thought of it first!

Thanks Contagon

Not sure how good it is, but you can ask Jayyo how hard it is to find one. If nothing else, it’s quite the collector’s item.

It is a very solid and smooth player. Definitely worth it.

theyre hard to get in a trade, but you can buy one directly from Landon (he runs 3yo3) and get them dyed, bead blasted, add aluminum weight rings (all 3 do add to the cost as far as i know)

from what i hear theyre solid players and are truely one of a kind yoyos, if it were me id be all over the trade.

I may be a little late but I don’t really like the cosmo. The weight distribution is off. Its also too light. It unwinds too fast witch means that instead of the yoyo hitting the end of the string close to your feet or after its more like before your feet. Hard to explain.

I have one and I’m going to be putting weight rings in it. It actually belongs to Doug. Owner of Big Brother yoyo’s.

its prefrence depends on what u like

New ones after 8/20/2009 have slightly smaller gaps, and slightly larger silicone grooves, so the slippage problem is no more.

Sweet :smiley: