Thoughts of dv888

The other day i was playing with my dv888… then my friend came over who barely ever yoyo’s and i gave him my dark magic… so we sat there talking and yoyoing then my friend got a knot…

I took the dark magic, undid the knot and threw it to see how it felt in comparison.
IMO the dark magic is not as good as it seems at all… probably one of the worst I’ve thrown in a while.

THen i threw my dv888 again and it felt like heaven. My dv888 had no vibe, could grind for a pretty long time and keep spinning, and was, IMO, the perfect combo of undersized and super wide.

I would give this yoyo a 9/10

p.s. i prefer it over my friend’s spyy

this is also my first review… and i don’t like the other format takes too long to read

more detail ;D

there so long because there giving you lots of information that you need to make the right choice on the yoyo. Saying it has no vibe, (which every Dv888 does have some vibe, just to little to see for the untrained eye) and saying that Imo it’s the perfect combo of undersized and super wide, (which again it’s not super wide, it’s wide but not super wide, super wide would be like a PRO) isn’t helpful. It’s just sad how much me and others have to post this.

okay uhhh well I was just trying to put it in a first person perspective and I said in my opinion…

 i agree with you there man. Everyone is so critical here when things arent there way. it was your opinion so that guy didn't have to criticize you he could just add his opinion but no... sigh ohh well