Thoughtful threads appreciated

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #1

Please give your threads purpose and some thought before creating.

  1. A descriptive subject is always appreciated.
  2. Basic grammmar and punctuation help communicate your ideas.
  3. Details, details, details! I need to be able to understand what it is you are trying to communicate before I can make an appropriate response.
  4. Manners are always a plus.
  5. Threads need to follow the forum rules.

A little more thought, when creating threads, would make the forum more enjoyable and would cut out a bit of the frustration some of us are feeling.


(Waylon) #2

It’s killing me to not make jokes here but Skirtz is right. We shouldn’t have to get 30 posts in to a thread before we figure out what the OP was trying to ask in the first place.

I generally work 12-13 hours a day and post 99% of the time from my iPhone. If I can do it, so can you.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #3

Haha… I thought 20 questions was the name of the game!