Those that purchased an Intergalactic Hulk Smash Chief

Just curious about those of you who purchased this throw, does yours look like a regular Hulk Smash like mine? I know anodizing is not a perfect science, but on all the sites there appeared to be an awesome bubble effect with the fade in the cups. Anyone get one similar to mine?

I would 100% send that back. Hulk Smash is one of my least favorite CLYW colorways but I thought the Intergalactic Hulk Smash looked awesome. Your yoyo looks like regular old Hulk Smash.

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Yeah I was a bit surprised when I opened it as I thought the pics that I saw of it on Instagram and other yoyo sites made it look way sicker than regular Hulk Smash. I will be honest, there is a bit of the fade on the side but not much at all.

The Intergalactic Hulk Smash Fade was named for the colors, not the acid wash appearance. The colors were so vibrant looking that they did not want to call it regular Hulk Smash Fade which is normally a little faded.

The bubble effect is just the look of the acid wash on the particular yo-yo we took pictures of. All acid washes will appear different and it looks like yours has more green in the cups. It is indeed an Intergalactic Hulk Smash Fade though!

OP, how does the catch zone look?

And others that got this colorway, does yours look like the op’s or more like the stock pic? This is interesting because the op’s looks just like a regular hulk smash colorway…


I’ll shoot a few photos of the one I just bought tonight and see how it compares as well.
But I can assure you that it does not look at all like a regular Hulk Smash.

It also looks as though the intergalactic hulk smash has more purple spot ano marks as well in the yye stock pic… The op’s yoyo has none of that whatsoever.

Yeah, the thing with splashes is that you are not guaranteed to get a splash pattern like the one in the stock photo. They vary so much from yo-yo to yo-yo on some runs, that you’d have to take a photo of every yo-yo to get a full idea of what you might end up with. From what Stickman posted, the OP’s yo-yo has the same shades of green and purple as the stock photo. All the rest of the splash pattern is luck of the draw really. I’d like to see the OP’s throw in the gap area, because the cup shots don’t give a full look at the yo-yo. It looks like his just has a lot more color in the cups. That’s a good thing for some people. I know how it is, to wish for one like the stock photo, but it doesn’t always happen with splashes. When you buy splashes, you roll the dice to an extent. The stock photo is also a more professional quality photo. If the OP’s photo was taken under the same lighting, it would look different too, and brighter I suspect.

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Here is inside. I do understand that anodizing isn’t exact. However, I ordered a Bonfire in Latitude and there were a fair amount of black spots inside where it’s red. I love the Bonfire but felt that I got one that if chosen in person would be passed over and last picked. So when seeing all the pics on the different websites, and then seeing people posting pics on IG of their Intergalactic Chiefs I didn’t feel like settling and asked to return which YYE said was cool. YYE definitely had my back which is awesome. I know it’s a risk when ordering, and I’ve definitely done the splash game many times but I kept this in the shape I received in and haven’t played it and wanted to return it. Took a chance with another from LTYY.

i think the one you bought looks better than the stock photo…

yeah it’s a bit of a gamble when ordering the splashes. you got the same colors but but in a much less appealing pattern.

The first time I saw the Dino Warrior colorway I thought it looked awesome, but it was only available on The Dang, which I didn’t want one of. soon after they released some dino warrior summits and I jumped on those. I got practically none of the lighter copper color at all. I ended up with a dark brown yoyo with blue splash, I was very disappointed with it.

It’s awesome that YYE and other retailers seem to be super understanding and good with customer service. Obviously anodizing isn’t exact and some people could very well prefer the yoyo OP received over the ones in the stock photos but I would personally be pretty bummed in this exact scenario and feel like I received something other than what I expected. I’m sure someone else will be happy to have the chance to buy the yoyo.

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Yeah, they definitely took care of you on this one. The gap really does look intergalactic. :wink: I’m sure someone else will love that one. I bet if I got a hold of it for some photos… ;D Maybe I will request that throw when it gets returned. :-\