This Sucks :(

hey guys i just wanted to tell you that my dad went back to Afghanistan. he only got a week off. so he had to leave yesterday. also he is going to miss my worlds performance. last year i only watched and he really liked the john ando shauqler thing. my mom and i are really sad :’( :frowning:
thankyou for whoever came to this post. he wont be back until like september or october. i also want to thank metal man for making me feel really good. :slight_smile:


I am very sad for you and just always remember your dad is a hero.

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he used to be in the air force for 20 and a half years

That does suck, I feel for you man. It’s not cool not having your family around.

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This is a thread about a kid missing his dad. Nothing more. I have done a lot of editing and removing posts that were taking away from that. Please lets stay on the correct path of the thread and not stray again.

To the OP I have friends over there and I know how it feels to a point. Stay strong buddy.


you should be proud for your dad helping our country.

god bless him!

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i hope hes safe… best to ya :wink:

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I hope you have fun till he gets back.

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