Memorial Day

It’s more than just the start of the summer holidays… :wink:

RIP, Ronnie K


My dad did 4 tours in vietnam so this has always been a special holiday for me. Happy memorial day everyone.

Good to remember those that have fallen and given us the freedom we have now.

Wow. One was more than enough for most.

Not for my Dad. He got a purple heart and still wanted to be redeployed. Truth be told he got in trouble every time he came stateside so Vietnam was better than jail in his mind. Personally I believe he’s crazy, of course the docs do too. He was diagnosed with severe PTSD a few years ago. He has it under control now but it plagued him his whole life and led to a lot of substance abuse. I’m glad he is here now and in good health both mentally and physically. Military holidays are for honoring our heroes and to me my father is one.

Yes, I would agree with that. He did more than his share and obviously paid dearly. I hope things continue to go well for him.