Any Other Army Brats?

So…anyone else hear have a parent (or both I guess) in the Army (or other military branch)? How do you keep in touch when they’re away and how do you deal with the fact that they’re gone?

My dad has been in Egypt since July and he’s not coming back until July or August, so we’re on the home stretch I guess but it still feels like forever and I’m having a hard time with it right now. I know that practically no one I know can understand really and I don’t expect them too, but it’s like they don’t even care. It’s an entire year we don’t get to share, and it’s not like it’s the first, I think I need more than one hand to count the birthday’s he’s missed. :-\ 6 and 7 months aren’t too bad but for some reason when it gets longer than that I start having a hard time coping and it’s hard on the whole family. Emotionally I just shut off and then that translates into my interactions with other people too. I hate being that way and some of my friends are not being very nice about it instead of maybe trying to be a little understanding. To top it off they complain about their dad being gone for 2 weeks on an out of state business trip to me, and then complain to other people about how I have problems and am not being “normal.”
Sorry I just feel about at the breaking point and wondering if anyone else has gone through/is going through the same thing and how you managed.

Hang in there. He’ll be home sooner than you realize. You go through the same thing on the other side of that coin.

Thank you. Hey at least it’s a beautiful day outside. :slight_smile:

I too am an Army Brat… My Dad’s on his 20th year in the military. He’s been deployed 8 times, and will be gone for the winter for the 9th deployment. He calls when he can. When he goes, it’s quiet at my house, but it’s not much different. I’ve long since got used to these deployments. I hope all goes well with ya.

My dad goes on buisness trips for a few days and sometimes weeks. I can’t imagine him being gone for 6 months especially if there is a risk of him never coming back. :frowning:

^yeah its tough, I hope I didn’t come off as not caring when other people’s parents are away, even for a short time. It just didn’t make sense that they were sad that their dad or husband was gone but since I’m supposed to be used to it that I shouldn’t care when my dad is gone idk, lol.

Aww sorry he has to go again. :frowning: Have you had to move around a lot? My dad doesn’t call much either but like once or twice a week I get to chat with him on the computer for a little bit, unless he’s really busy.

 I've had times when I've had to live without my dad for several months at a time. At first we had to move, but our old house took forever to sell, and he had to stay behind, then while we were somewhere else, he had to work about eight hours a away from where the rest of my family was living temporarily, but eventually we actually managed to be in the same place again. I think the longest time out of that maybe one and a half year period was about nine months of not seeing him. I don't wan't to bother continuing explaining. Too much typing, too many explanations... You'll be ok. Of course, my case was a little different, because he could come to the rest of my family whenever he wanted, within how many days he was allowed not working. More of a I-almost-understand-and-I-mean-really-close-but-still-not-quite situation.

Yeah… I move every 3 years… it’s basically destroyed any chance of a long term relationship with anyone :’(. It’s also been bad for schools. Regardless of what my parents do though, I’m staying where I am now. I’ve reached that age. I need to find friends I can be with for years :-[

I was homeschooled so I never had to worry about schools but yeah I bet that hasn’t been fun and I understand about the not making friends thing. We’ve moved a lot too though somehow managed to stay in GA for 7 years (but those were my dad’s busiest years). There can be such a thing as being somewhere for too long. I was sad to leave the only place that had felt like home, but at the same time I needed a fresh start somewhere else (smallish town scene can get ugly sometimes) and was happy to leave. So I hope wherever you do end up you it never gets that way for you and that you make awesome friends. Maybe I’m so used to moving around that I don’t really care where I live anymore, but having awesome friends around makes anywhere better.

I get what you’re saying, don’t worry. :wink: It’s hard for everyone, not just military people. Maybe this should just be the “people who miss their parents” thread.