this spoke to me

I just read Ed Haponik’s latest blog entry.  I’ve been throwing for over a year and feel like I should be further along in tricks or would at least like to be.  But I work a lot (60 hours a week) and I’m a half-time college student and I’m a musician and I have kids and I just have other interests.  I don’t throw as much as I’d like.  I probably average and hour or so a week, especially during school terms.  I throw as often as I can because I love it whether I’m working on something new or just trying to get consistent with stalls or repeaters.  I throw fixed axle, offstring, freehand, and 1a.  All in little snack-sized portions and all with joy.  I’m not remarkable at any aspect of yoyo aside from my appreciation of the art.  It’s beautiful and it’s living and breathing and you can take it everywhere you go.  This bit of Ed’s latest post summed up my feelings:

“you have to relinquish your grasp on all of the accoutrements and trappings that we HANG on yo-yoing, and become secure in the faith that just playing as you do and progressing as you can… is substantial and meaningful.”

That’s good stuff.