This or that?

Code 2 or format c
Prestige or model 10
Diamondback or H3X

THANKS for the help!
I’m looking for which yoyos play all around the best and smoothest and ya…

Format C
Model 10
Errr… tough one… Im gonna have to go with diamondback

Have u tried all of them?

Nope but its what I would pick haha

The format C seems like a winner, EVERYONES been giving positive feedback, I havent heard anything negative about it yet.

Ive heard on multiple occassions the Model 10 is the best Genyo and is often the recommended Genyo to get. Yes, the prestige is new and could be better but I think Model 10 would be a better and safer choice.

Last ones a tough one but Id go with the Diamondback because it has a more modern shape and seems more well rounded then the H3X.


Format:C Because I like to have a long spinning solid,light oversized in my case.
Model 10 Because the shape is just perfect and I love floaty yoyos
H3X: Also a big fan of organic yoyos with steps in the catch zone too take away a high wall. I’ve wanted this one for a while.

What’s your play style? Are you looking for a competition throw or a fun throw?

That being said, I would go:
Format:C (This could be your competition throw.)
Prestige (Model10 is my favorite throw at the moment, but I feel like the shape of the Format:C and Model10 are too alike and you will neglect the one you like less since theyre so similar)
H3X (Again, Diamondback is competition. If you want more variety, go with the H3X)

Go with my suggestion if you want a little more variety in your collection. If you went Format:C, Model10, and DiamondBack, its going to be pretty bland. Seriously, all their shapes are similar. If thats what you’re going for, by all means, go for it.