This kid is my idol

I wanna be just like him.

Dat pants…

wow looks like he is having tons of fun on stage. This reminds me of what this sport is all about just going out and having fun

And don’t forget about the plumed hats.

Interesting choice of clothing makes him stand out even further. 1:52 my favorite moment

The real question is…where can I buy the clothes?

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That is some next level stuff.

Takeshi Matsura has some competition this year.

Well said! impressive routine too!

Still trying to track down that outfit on Amazon.

Golf shop

No yoyo video has ever made me smile this big before.


Agreed completely.

I want those pants so bad! :slight_smile:

Takeshi can’t beat that kids choice of clothes, of corse the 5a also

I think the song is called “Fashion Monster”… he was probably dressing to fit the song

very heart warming and inspiring performance

edit:  looks like he likes to wear funny outfits/hats

Thanks for the other vid! This kid has definitely got style.

I like how he doesn’t take himself too seriously and can let himself go and have fun.

True inspiration

It’s nice to see someone who competes simply for the fun of competing. What a great attitude to have.

Totally amazing. This kid has so much win, Win itself is going, “Yeah, he beat me.”

And it’s only partly about the outfit; it’s mostly about the smiling and having fun while still executing some beast moves.