This is the combo I do to relieve stress

When ever I am stressed out about anything, I usually resort to yoyoing to distract myself… I also notice that I almost always do the same combo when I get in these moods; its always just been a fun combo for me. I decided to film it because, I was getting frustrated at not being able to learn a trick.  So here it is:

Also I was wondering if any of you guys have a “stress relief” combo and if so what is it, or even share a video of it. :slight_smile:

Oh and don’t mind the crappy bind  ::slight_smile:

That was a nice trick man! I especially see some good frontstyle elements going on. :wink: How long have you been throwing?

But as for me with stress relief tricks, pretty much doing the trick I’ve been working on most recently is what it is. Just because I just pick up the yoyo when I’m stressed, and it’s the first thing I do. ;D

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Off and on for a few year but I haven’t really been serious about yoyoing for more than a year and a half…

I feel like when you have a impressive combo that you can land easily, the relief of landing it relieves the stress of not landing a different trick. I have a particular combo I do as a default/stress reliever trick that I’ll have in a Surge video contest video. I’ll edit this post when Chase makes the video :slight_smile:

I can see that making sense. I think the double or nothing laceration right at the start of my combo has that gratifying difficult trick that I can do going for it xD

You looked relieved after :slight_smile:

I really was :slight_smile:


I always find repeaters calming.

He did! XD

I find doing a string of repeaters that all start and end in the same mount helps too

I have put this video up before, but you can’t beat stalls for relaxation.

Fixed axle makes me more frustrated usually… Even if I do stalls right, I hurt my hand

This is where the Profly, at 42.6 grams, is your friend.

I usually use a proyo II actually… Maybe I just have girly hands :stuck_out_tongue: