This is going to sound really dumb but what does CLYW stand for?

As most people know, Caribou Lodge is also known as CLYW. But what does CLYW even mean? I can guess the CL stands for Caribou Lodge but where does the YW come from?

Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works

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Well… Since the original question has been answered… Then…

Celestial Level YoYo Wonders…

It doesn’t stand for anything anymore, actually, the word “yoyo” is copyrighted in Canada.

CLYW is just the name of the company. To avoid lawsuits. It originally stood for Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works as Preinfalk pointed out, but it has since been changed.

I’m guessing it’s just like AOL, how it used to mean America Online but now just goes to AOL. [man, remember those CDs they used to mail out back in the day?]
But yes, I just looked it up and CLYW now goes by CLYW Inc. officially.

Maybe Chris’s brand can use the full name here in the US as the word ‘yoyo’ is not trademarked but as for Canada, nopes =[

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