This got out of hand quickly...

Not to bad for 8 months… Not shown is my Yelets that is getting custom anodized.

You are out of control son.

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Bottom row, second from the right. What is that?

A Rally…

I think you mean the other side…

Those are the 2 mini titanium a that Jon made himself (one of them having side- effects!)

oh that’s cool.

Sorry Bout that I did mean the left. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please start making those mini titanium throws. PM me if you’re planning on selling any.

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I have no plans to sell them until I can get one to perform as well as a regular undersize throw. Right now one of them plays heavy and one plays light. Hopefully I am narrowing in on something good.

Doing it on a manual lathe out of titanium takes a lot of time. It takes about 4-5 hours start to finish.

The one with the Nautilus OD side effect Disk was the first one I made. I will not be making another that uses side effects. It is too difficult to hand machine.

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awe. The one with se’s looks wicked. Good luck. Hopefully you’ll get everything dialed in.

I can stop anytime…

Some classic throws there

Love the black MG’s since I believe those only came in an anodized form which I find plays better

I need a bigger case! Not in the case is TMBR Baldwin and OD Yelets.

That’s one really nice case. You need more high end plastics though :stuck_out_tongue:

Not only is christmas coming up.
But a new run of Yetis is dropping soon.

Nice man! I was following your thread earlier this year when yo made those titaniums, and always wanted to ask if you had sparked em? If you do you should make us a video.

I have one JUST for sparking. :slight_smile: It keeps me from messing up my Sovereign.

In the first post, what is that blue delrin throw with the weight rings? Is that one of the custom ones from one of the forum members? I remember seeing a post about them but I can’t remember the member or the website

That spark video was great man. Thanks ;D

Take my credit cards away please! I received all of these today. It was my birthday though…

man, dig the anti-yos!