Thinking about Changing my Yoyo

So I have a FAST 201, but I am not really liking the response system too much. Should i stick with it untill a learn more. (Mind you i just started yoyoing a month ago and I just started touching the surface of 1A) Or should i get a Yoyo Jam Kick Side?

Here’s 2 suggestions:

1 is the Kickside. Once you get better, clean the bearing and then replace the black o-rings with either YYJ silicone o-ring respond pads or flowable silicone: instant unresponsive beast!

2 is the YYJ Legacy II. Thin bearing pre-installed gives you responsive play. The included SPEC bearing(full width C-sized bearing) will give you unresponsive play. It costs more, it’s worth it.

Also keep in mind you can control the gap in the Fast 201, so either open it up or tighten it up to get what you want. But yeah, it’s not amazing.

Another low-cost option is the YYF ONE. I have a 2011 and a 2012 one. Both are the two-bearing packages, so think “Legacy II but less than half the money: two bearings”. I find it to be a bit too light though, so rather than being a main player, I bust it out to see how I do with it, along with the YYF Whp(because it’s so darn light)

Then again, if you’re really into this, maybe the money on a Dark Magic II might be in order. The Legacy II is an all plastic version of the DM2.

Other low-cost YYJ models include the Kickside and Speed Maker, which use a hybrid response of a starburst on one side and the rubber o-ring on the other. I found simply cleaning the bearing made these very unresponsive. I will probably silicone them later.

Another cheap but fun option might be the Duncan Freakhand or a ProZ. Depending on the sales, these can be had for under $10 each, are cheap, fun, and with minimal tweaks you can do, be made more the way you might like them. The Freakhand is a Free Hand 2 with monster graphics and includes a counterweight, letting you get into 5A play if you want to.