So, just bought a Fast 201.

It is awesome!

Yeah, it’s pretty cool. The responsiveness keeps wearing out already I think…

Any help, tips?

i think the fast201 is starburst response if im not mistaken so it cant be the response system if you truly need better response it is most likely the bearing you should get some thick lube and clean it

It uses starburst and starburst takes years to wear out.

I’m guessing you need to change your string

Can you be a little more specific?

It has a sort of modified star-burst system and you adjust it by loosening or tightening the halves.
A lot of people have trouble with them twisting apart while yo-yoing.

There are a couple threads on this already, but some Loc-Tite should fix it if that is the problem you are having.

Also, the new cycle of FAST 201s are known to have a wider gap than usual. To make it more responsive, unscrew the yoyo and use a needle to remove the two small black o-rings from each side of the yoyo. It would make the gap smaller.