Fast 201

pleeese help!!! I just bought the new fast 201 and i can do anything with it plus the string keeps getting caught!! any advise from someone who has used this yo yo before???

pop out the star burst with a fork and tighten it all the way and it sould be fine

Loosen the gap. If it came with an instruction manual, (it should have) the manual should have advice on how far. As for string getting caught, Fast 201s do that. (Though not as frequent as I am assuming yours is)

i have had that yoyo and you shouldnt have boughten it. sorry


DON’T!!! The starbursts are what bring the yoyo back up. Use the adjustable gap if you don’t want to damage your yoyo!

Or you can sand the starbust teeth lightly to bring them down. If you do pop out the teeht put silicone in the holes, that works pretty well.

patrickcondon had a great suggestion.