Thin or Thick Lube for 2a?

Which lube do you use for 2a yoyos? and how much?

i have a pair of Loop900 but i never really learned how to loop well.
the bearings are dead dry, and i dont like that.

and How often am i supposed to maintenance my 2a yoyos?

You need a responsive yoyo - thick.
I use a light grease in my raiders.

i use petroleum jelly… works like a charm

I use 3 in 1 for looping. but any high viscosity lube should work.

I prefer thin thick lube (no pun intended) like Yomega Brain lube, probably less than one drop in one side of the bearing. It’s somewhat thinner than most thick lube. I’m constantly trying to reduce the amount of lube I’m using for 2A. I used to use vaseline grease btw.

3 in 1 unless you prefer Yoyofactory, Yoyojam, Yomega, ect. I use 3-in-1.