How too lube a Loop 900

So i found that the bearing has no lube in it when it is mailed to you. But which lube do u use? i read it and it said that you could use thick lube or thin lube which is better and what are the advantages??

Thick lube is more responsive and better for 2a, if you don’t have some 3 in 1 oil is great for looping.

thick lube may make it TOO responsive. id go with plain ol’ thin lube. thick is, well thick. thin is thin. thin is better for around the world/ random string stricks instead of looping :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re just looping, I suggest thick lube. It’ll make it much easier to loop. But unless you are doing sleeper loping tricks, 1 or 2 big drops of thin lube might work.

Thin lube can be sewing machine oil or trumpet oil.