thin lube vs thick lube

what is the diffrence between the two i have no idea.

1 is thick

1 is thin

Thin Lube is usually used in Unresponsive yo-yo play. The lube keeps the yo-yo unresponsive, but has lube in the bearing to make sure it doesn’t damage it.

Thick Lube is usually used by 2A(2 Handed Yo-yoing) to ensure that the yo-yo is responsive so that looping can be done. Thick Lube can also be used by 1A yo-yoing, but it is usually only used for beginners who don’t want to bind their yo-yo up to their hand.

Thick lube is much thicker in viscosity for more response. This is usually used for looping yoyo’s.

Thin lube is thinner, more like water, while thick lube is like gel. Thin lube is used normally for 1A yoyo’s as it first makes your yoyo a bit responsive but with breaking in, it can make your yoyo unresponsive. Thin lube is for making your yoyo quieter, possibly smoother and protecting your bearing from wearing out too soon.

So if you’re playing 1A, use thin lube and make sure to apply the right amount.
If you’re doing 2A, I suggest thick lube, for more response and preferably better loops.

But if you put lots of thin lube in your 2A yoyo it will also work.

Using thick lube on 1A yoyo’s will work too but you’ve gotta break it in to make it unresponsive. Thick lube takes longer to break in cause…well it’s thick.

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