Can thin lube mix with thick lube?

I know that you could put thick lube on a yoyo and put thin lube to make it less responsive, but can you put thin lube first and then put thick lube to make it more responsive?

The thick lube would end up being the only thing doing anything. Thin lube only makes bearings last longer. Thick lube does this, and makes it more responsive.

True but i believe that Andre said that Thin Lube has soe kind of special chemical that ends up breaking down Thick Lube so i think mixing them together would only result in the thick lube being washed away by the thin

other way around :stuck_out_tongue:

Wrong JM. I’ve thin lubed quite a few bearings that were thick lubed. It will definitely remove some of that thick lube.

JM? Brian.

No Jg
ik what he meant

Andre does it say it himself here somewhere during the video: