Thin and Thick Lube

Can you use thick lube to get Protostar and DNA more responsive?

wow why you need that??

most definatly, more lube = more responsive.

Both thin and thick lubes make any bearing more responsive. The thin lube just doesn’t make it as responsive as thick lube does.

not true. the thin lube will make the yoyo responsive but only for a short amount of time while you break it in. the reason the thick lube keeps the yoyo responsive is becuase it is way thicker and takes longer to break in and then keeps the balls in the bearing moving slower

yes… but don’t. lube = bad.

That is untrue, yoyoscout.

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Yoyoscout, that is absolutely incorrect. Lube is possibly the greatest thing for a bearing. Keeping your bearings dry will make your bearings play bad, they will eventually lock up, and die. Lube will aslo keep your bearings nice and quiet while you play, so that your bearing isn’t screaming at you in agony.

yoyoscout this is how it its:

thin lube = good
thick lube = good
too much lube = bad
No lube = bad

lube = quiet and peace

Thin lube: Good for the bearing and for unresponsive play. Might need some break in time.

Thick lube: Good for the bearing, good for responsive play.

Dry bearing: Good for unresponsive play, shortens alot the bearing’s life.

Yes, but why would you do that?