Thin lube making my yo yo responsive

So I have a Dv888 and i bought some YYJ thin lube for obvious reasons, and now my yoyo is worse off then it was before, it slowed my bearing down. What should i do I’m new to the low response yoyo’s?

Lube slows down bearings which will make them more responsive. Just play the bearing until you break the lube in.

ok cool thanks

make sure that you dont use too much of the lube, the smallest drop goes a long way remember.

thin lube breaks down thick lube and prolongues the bearings life, but if there isn’t any thick lube, then it just makes it more responsive.

Your DV888 was already unresponsive, so putting in Thin Lube will just make it responsive. It works the opposite on unresponsive yoyos. Plus it’s for Yoyojam yoyos, so it works way better on them. Hope that helped.

Wrong information is wrong. It’s oil. It works in all yo-yos. The bearings in yo-yos are extremely similar in design. They are all cartridge bearings. Sure the konkave and centertracks have slightly different shaped outer race; sure, some will have a different number of balls or a different cage design. But what is that thing that is sitting between the two halves of the yo-yo? At the end of the day, it is still just a ball bearing.

Metal on metal has the lowest rolling resistance. Adding lube adds resistance except in the case of it breaking down a thicker lube. I’ve read before that some drag racers would run their engines with one less quart of oil for less resistance. We do a similar thing with bearings in yo-yos. At the same time, even a small amount of oil will add a large amount of protection to the bearing.

Wait, wasn’t there a thread with the exact same title where I posted a stupid analogy.

Too much of anything isn’t good.

its working now i just had to use it a bit…