thick lube sub


well i have lubricants for cars and have wd 40 is that fine for my loop 900s?

(Waylon) #2

That might weaken the plastic. Hang tight and don’t do anything until a bona fide expert replies to your post.


Superlube Synthetic oil with PTFE - available in the little tubes at the hardware store. This is the same as brainlube.

A little 3-in-1 or sewing machine oil works too, as well as fishing reel oil.


Just as a PSA… WD-40 isn’t a lubricant. It’s a multi-purpose spray, with one side effect being minor lubricating properties (it is only part oil, but there IS some oil in there!).

It’s primarily used to “free up” parts that are stuck by corrosion or gunk. It is primarily a solvent, dissolving the gunk so that the part can move freely again. It also displaces water (the WD part of the name) to keep parts corrosion-free.

Even if it was more of a lubricant than it is, it’s awful thin! It wouldn’t be a suitable replacement for “thick” lube!


3 in one works perfect for me! :smiley: