They see me lurkin', they hatin'

who e;se main;y lurks nowadays, when i talk i never get thank yous or thanked for my help, so i lurk!!! its fun :3

if you’re basing your usefulness off of your thank-you’s, there’s your problem.

Involving yourself in many topics just to be involved is not worthwhile, so just reading and moving on can be beneficial. I see absolutely no problems with this.

I mostly lurk, but when I see a topic I know something about I stay towards the bst’s mostly

I used to lurk a lot because I felt that I didn’t have anything to add to the discussion, but that has changed lately. Now I consider myself a semi-lurker.

I lurk a lot here because most of the time, what I want to say was already said by others and I can’t add more to it. That’s why I just continue reading posts of others. :slight_smile:

When I help, I help. I’m not looking for thank yous.

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I lurked for about half a year when I started yoyoing, then I made a profile and here I am today I guess…

I like lurking. It’s like watching tv. You might learn something. You might not learn something. Most of the time when someone needs help, someone else has already beaten me to respond. So I don’t want to repeat anyone unless I have different input.

Only comment on the threads you feel you can actually contribute to. That’s my personal method.

lurkin 24/7