They are ready...


Available in two options:

large bearing/ small bearing
large bearing/ metric bearing

Whichever combo you prefer.

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They’re tools yes?

what is it for?

I think for taking out bearings

Yes to all of the above.

I love my Ti Brute!

drill a small hole twards the upper middle so i can put a key ring on it and i will buy one :slight_smile:

I agree

(Happy Icthus?) Lol this is a joke if it doesn’t transfer well over internet, I don’t intend on it being rude.

haha It’s all good little brother.

I need one of those :wink:
i nearly killed my dv888 trying to get the bearing
out. ;D lol ;D

Well, I am drilling a hole in the center of each end to allow for bearing removal on an axle side that the axle cannot be removed BUT on those a key ring hole would have to be in the middle of the BRT which would make it slightly awkward, maybe? On the large bearing/ small bearing option I probably won’t drill an axle hole on the small bearing side and just do the key ring hole. How’s that sound?

i think the hole to get a bearing thats stuck on the axel side is genius. and it wouldnt have to be in the middle would it? it could be more towards the end of the brt? id be sold then :slight_smile: im still kinda sold either way. you should probably set one aside for me

When are they going to be up for shipping?
I want one :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a few left that don’t have holes. If you’re interested in that you can get one now. PM me if interested.