The newest version of the BRuTe (bearing removal tool)

Here she is, my most recent creation. This version is double sided, you can actually remove three different bearing sizes with this thing, small, medium and large!

This one is reserved for Icthus but more are coming.

I can see how it could remove two bearing sizes, but how do you get three sizes with that?

on the side that you can’t see? dunno ;D

Technically it will remove four different bearing sizes. The smaller side will remove A and D size bearings and the larger size will remove B and C size.

Cali beat me to it but he is write.

Make it easier on them and say the Inner Diameters are the same. It’s a bit easier to grasp :wink:

Thanks for explaining that. Looks good I want one.

Yea that would’ve worked as well… :smiley:

This one is made of titanium so its a little more pricey but the others will be steel. I’ll still make a few LE Ti ones though for the ballas. :slight_smile:

ANd next up from CaliBuddha is his very own Ti Yoyo :wink:

I can see it.

Ha, it’s actually been in talks for the past year or so. Nothing has come of it yet though…

hey what if the bearing is on the axle side?

Take the axle out. All an axle is is a set screw. A small Allen Key will take it off. If, in fact, the axle is somehow upside down where it can’t be removed, I actually did make some steel BRuTes that are hollow for such a problem. It is only for large bearings though.


If there is no hex in the end of the axle, you can double nut it to get it off. Take the yo-yo to a hardware store and buy two nuts that fit the axle. Put “nut 1” on to the axle, then put “nut 2” on right up against “nut 1”. Now put a wrench on “nut 1”, and turn it as if you want to take it off. (lefty loosey ::slight_smile: ) It will jamb up against “nut 2”. Don’t let your wrench touch “nut 2”. You don’t want “nut 2” to move. It’s there to stop “nut 1” from coming off the axle. Keep turning. The axle will start to unscrew from the shell. You will need two wrenches or pliers or something to get the two nuts “apart” so they can each come off the axle individually. This all takes way less time and effort than reading about it does…

Have Fun,

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I find it helps to tighten nut1 and nut2 together a bit.

looks great! can’t wait to buy one.