These yoyos need a good home!


A pair of Imperials, $6 shipped.

Dual siliconed and reshapped FHZ. This is a really great player, I got it off of Druminpython, who got it from Mich Ginder, and and now I’d like to pass it on. My tricks has just become to fast for this yoyo. Pretty smooth, with just the normal FHZ vibe. It also has weight rings under the caps I think.
I love this yoyo, but it must go :’( $28 shipped.

Flying Panda, pretty beat up, plays great. $15 shipped.

Throwmonkey, rim scuffs, but still plays like new. $16 shipped.

Proyos, one blue and one red, $14 shipped.

That’s all for now folks! might add some more latter, might not, but please check out my wants list.

Wooly Marmot.
Counter Attack.
Loop 900.
Shinwoo Loops.

(system) #2