BF_Throws Yoyo Sale!

Hi all! Got some yo-yos for sale, not looking for any trades atm! Please add $6 for shipping within the U.S.

Here’s a group pic

Bundle #1 YYF Bundle (buy all three for $70)
-Meerkat - minor scratches - smooth- $40
-ND Ultra - minor anno wear smooth - $30
-Zodiac - NM -$25


Bundle #2 Purple Zeekios (buy both for $80)
-Ride - Minor scratching little nail vibe - $50

Bundle #3 blue monos (both for $70)

  • Fair Trade PV44 - some ano nicks, smooth - $40
    -Reykjavik RT Ragnarok - minor nicks on rims smooth -$50

Bundle #4 Fingerspinners!

Bundle #5 Duncan Bimetal Xs! (Buy both for $90)

Bundle #6 Blue Bimetals! (Take all for $145)

Bundle #7 Brass Bois (take both for $130)

  • Offset Yo-yos Mobius minor nicks on rims minor pulse vibe (maybe fixable??) but still such a wonderful player good lord - $old
  • Damian Pucket Brass Wing Weaver NM Glass Smooth - $105

Bundle #8 Red Turning Point Monos (both for $60)

Bundle #9 YJ Yoyo Bimetal Rail Riders (both for $140)

Bundle #10 Thesis Green Trio (Take all for $140)

Bundle #11 RAW BOIS (take both for $230)

Feel free to create your own bundles and offer your own prices! Some are negotiable, some not so much, but it’s never hurts to ask! I’m an easy going dude!

Please also feel free to follow my Instagram @bf_throws for some over edited tricks videos that often use an absurd amount of slow mo! :smile:

Thanks you friends, for looking!

Have a wonderful day!


Some sold, and lots of goods still here! Hmu!

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