Interesting yoyos for sale here! ALMOST SOLD OUT !!

Random plastics (YYJ Fiesta, FH2, Cobra 9.8, Henry’s Tiger Snake) 30$ for all 4
General-yo KLR, special edition, mint condition, a true performer, glass smooth 95$
CLYWxOnedrop Wooly Markmont, very good condition (2 dings, one little scratch), plays ****** (think a nickel Wooly Marmot but with the response system of 1 drop) 75$
YYJ Titan 3, mint with box, very underrated player, looks stunning design/visual-wise 90$
YYF 401sd, this is a classic! Comes with extra dials, in very good condition, 1 small ding on every rim 50$
YYF Loop900 X2, hardly used since I cant loop, comes with all goodies, og packaging 20$ for both  or deal sweetener
Turning Point Tarasqus, mint, rare, fun micro throw! 60$
YYF Raven 08 888, small scratches on the rims, a few little dings, very smooth, stack colour can be discussed (have translucent and other colours), rare 65$
YYF Nova, purple, little brother of the supernova, suprisingly good for such a small yoyo!   40$ or deal sweatener
SPYY Speed Freak, good condition, a few barely noticable scratches, 1 on the body, 2 on the rims. 60$
YYF G5+, Augie Fash edition, mint condition with trans red and trans yellow stack, a rare classic and still a big performer in comparison with modern yoyos! 80$ 70$
Duncan FHZ (glow in the dark body, DUNCAN = LOVE caps), unnoticeable hairline scratch in 1 cap, those caps are pretty rare, hence the price 35$ 30$
Werrd Irony GBA, very close to mint, one beasty player, very underrated imo, comes with box   80$ 65$
YYF 09 888, one of my first metal yoyos, polished it myself and I am pretty happy about it, stack colour can also be discussed, as smooth as day 1 50$ 45     Adegle Sandglass, purple,a few dings on the rims, nothing bad, hard to find these days, awesome shape 70 60$
44re:creation Stardust V2, blue anno, a few light scratches on the rims, overall very good condition, needs to be resilid on 1 side     80$

Plastic bunde, KLR & Wooly Markmont sold.

Titan sold

i would like to see pics of the 888 ravens damage. i do want it

I send you pictures :slight_smile:

Small updates

Tarasqus & Raven 888 sold


Bargains here

FHZ love + Augie G5+ is sold
888 and Irony pending

More sold, last bits of metals are leaving!

Almost sold out!!

Up in the sky again