Selling yoyos, and whatnot.

(Jei Cheetah) #1

Need money so I sadly must give up some yoyos that are tough to let go, but it’s a must as of late.
No trades, money only.

YoyoJam Patriot 3A pair.

These are very fun to throw, and getting quite hard to find these days.
Great starter set for 3A, or great for 1A for those who like the classic feel. Definitely a very special and rare set of yoyos.
30 shipped takes both.

“White Tiger” Madhouse RAD

So sad to see this go.
This was a very special custom piece I had done a while ago.
It’s a powdercoating job done on a very very smooth RAD. Incredible player, looks amazing, totally awesome.
75 shipped.

Large Contact Ball

Large size contact ball, was the ball I started learning CJ on, and I have since moved on to smaller balls. Great size for learning, good weight, fun times.
20 shipped.


Thanks for looking!
Help a wuff out and buy stuff! ^ ^

All throws come with nuzzlez n glitter!

(system) #5