Need some decent 3A yoyos.

If you send me a PM about this post in which it is evident you have not read it in its entirety (such as WAT U WANT 4 THE DNA), I will make fun of you and/or make sure everyone knows what an idiot you are. You have zero excuse.

Okay, here’s the deal. I need to get together a decent 3A pair. By decent I mean it needs to be metal, anodized, and sufficiently suitable for 3A. Therefore, I’m putting up a bunch of my yoyos for sale/trade to this specific end. That means I only want to get rid of these yoyos if it will help me build a 3A set. The things that will help are clearly listed at the bottom of this post. If you have something I want, I will expect to trade reasonably fairly for it. Here are the yoyos I have:

QS2 ($80), Miroc ($100), Yuuki 401k (trade only), YYN 401k (trade only)
Higby 08 888 (comes with painted stacks and stuff, and trade only), DNA (trade only), Gnarwhal (trade only), BvsM (GONE)
Wideload ($50), No Jive (trade only), SM3 ($30), fake DM (GONE)
Recessed/schmooved Zero (GONE), Stock Zero, Speedmaker, two Fiestas (all of these on the bottom row are mainly to help equalize trades if necessary)

Okay. So, lists of yoyos. The first list is yoyos I already have and want another of, and the second list is yoyos I don’t have and want a matched pair of. By matched I mean physically identical in all respects other than perhaps color. Dings are fine, I’ll be doing 3A with them and the whole point of anodized yoyos is 3A dings. I don’t want black or red yoyos.

Individual yoyos I’m looking for:
Peak from the first machinist (painted or not, but if it’s painted I also have a Miroc 2 to trade)
Gnarwhal, sorta
54, perhaps

Pairs of yoyos I’m looking for:
Peaks, any run will do but they must be the same run as each other
Torrent 2s
Something along those lines, y’know

Why don’t you use your two fiestas XD. it would be easier to learn on

I know how to do 3A, I just need something more suitable than what I’ve been using.


I’ve got a pair of No. 9’s but you’d be hard pressed to get them from me.

I don’t want No. 9s anyway.


Ouch town Bro. I’ll be keeping my pair of Hybrids thanks. ;D

Had you read the post you’d know why I’m not looking for those anyway.

I did read the post dude. It’s a joke man! ;D SMILE MORE you’ll live longer.

Smiling is lame and for suckers.

I have 2 metal drifters that I’ll trade for the gnarwhal

No thanks.

haha did that guy REALLY just try to offer you two 20 dollar Metal Drifters for a Gnarwhal? UNREAL.