Decahedron's MASS ebay exodus. CLYW, SPYY, YYJ, etc

I’ll be selling my yoyos in waves of sixish in the coming weeks.  Extremely reasonable starting bids.  Each wave will have one or two awesome throws, to let people recoup funds if they want more than one awesome throw at a good price.

This week:
YoyoJam Mini Mo-Trix - No flaws, favorite undersized, not something you see a ton.

YoyoJam Chaser - Missing side caps, YYJ replaces them for free if you contact them.

YoyoFactory Northstar - No issues.  White is pretty rare.

YoyoFactory Loop 900 pair.  Black.  One may have a stuck bearing, i honestly cant tell, im awful with 2a

Cyclontzy modded FHZ.  Sili recessed, clear but dyed pink and white painted caps.

MINT SPYY OG punchline.  Good luck finding another one of these babies.  comes with box and even the stickers:

After this set ends ill have another wave to include:
CLYW OG Avalanche
Werrd Irony GBA and JP
C3 Trident
ILYY 2wei, Lio etc.

Bump! 5 days left. send questions if you have any!

Prices still low. Come and get it!

Still got some good deals, and some more coming after this wave! :smiley:

Two days left in this collection!

about 12 hours left!

just over an hour remains. good luck.