A Lot of CLYWs and an Xcube!!!


One bump/day PLEASE…

Hi all,

I’m trying to downsize my yoyo collection and I’m selling off some of my CLYWs. There are some really great finds in here. IMPORTANT: I will not be selling or trading through YoYoExpert, but through eBay. I will not respond to PMs about buying the throws directly. Feel free to ask questions about the throws themselves, or use eBay’s messaging system to ask questions. Happy Bidding!

CLYW Gnarwhal - Rockabilly

Xcube ZeuS - Red - 050

CLYW Canvas - Mr Curmudgeon

CLYW Canvas - Clareview Station Blizzard

CLYW Chief - Dandelion

CLYW Chief - Grassy Lake


Only a few more hours. Don’t miss out on these great throws!!!

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