qutting sale, $170 takes it all

Getting out of the hobby after such a long time. Offer anything except other yoyos. Lowballs are definitely welcomed. Bundles preferred. First class shipping. Don’t hesitate to ask any question! Paypal, venmo, google wallet.

$170 takes everything in this thread not already sold, free shipping

x2 YYJ Unleashed

Blue C3 Speedaholic have NEVER been opened.
Red C3 Speedaholic have NEVER been opened. sold to Old Yoer
Clear Speedaholic has scuffing but nothing major.

Another clear C3 Speedaholic scuffing, slight crack, pulsing, free another purchase.
x2 Shinwoo Techno
Shinwoo Phantom Sold to zozobraswife

C3 Berserker Rx; retapped, scuffing, flat spots, plays perfect

YoYoFactory Whip
Takeshi Dice(sold separately)

Duncan Butterfly, free with purchase

YoYoFactory green Protostar sold to Old Yoer
Takeshi Dice(sold separately)

YoYoJam Fiesta, includes box
YoYoJam Big sold to zozobraswife
YoYoFactory Fast offstring

x2 YoYoFactory OneStar
Rubber ball counter weight(sold separately)

C3 Trident

YoYoJam Classic; beat, free with purchase

Bunch of string sold to zozobraswife
Rubber ball counter weight

x5 Bearings; flat, 8 & 10 ball

~5 Toxic String Yellow Jacket sold to Old Yoer

Chinese yoyo, free with purchase

YYJ Destiny; beat

x4 C3 boxes
YYJ Fiesta box
YYJ thin lube sold to zozobraswife
YYJ thick lube sold to zozobraswife
String cutter sold to zozobraswife
Stickers sold to zozobraswife
YoYoExpert cards sold to zozobraswife
YYF box

Parts box; includes pieces that can be cut to make sections

I was wondering if I could only get the blue speedaholic and the clear speedaholic out of your collection ? I really really really need these yoyos !!! So can please contact me at astrophsicist222@gmail.com as soon as you can !
Thank you for reading !! :slight_smile: