These are cool. Don’t google this

Just got in a bunch of Chido Trompos for myself and the store that hosts our yo-yo club. Lately I have been using lighter plastic tops because it requires a little more finesse and they are a bit less forgiving in some ways than the heavier tops. Anyways, theses Chido Trompos are pretty cool, that makes sense after all since the name translates to cool tops.
The Viper, Whipboy, and Furia are the same top with different colors and graphics. They seem a tiny bit smaller than the Cometa Jumbo Cobra top, and resist tilting a little more, it takes more effort to get them on a horizontal plane.
You can learn more about ChidoTrompos on instagram @chidotrompo or Yahir Ortega’s @yayito_ortega .
But don’t google whipboy.


Better not get caught by the cops doing this :grimacing:

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