There's this hard upsetting trick

There’s this one trick I can’t just get. The trick is hour glass, I’m always getting knots. What tricks do u just get >:( about?

I don’t get mad, I get even…

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Only trick I got mad at was man on flying trapeze :stuck_out_tongue:

None really, I just figure out whatever I’m doing wrong and fix it

I’m not to this trick yet.

I’d say find more videos to watch and get yourself to a meet or contest and ask for help in person.

When I get frustrated, I do one of several things:
Find an easy way to get into the part I need to work on(sometimes not possible, so then just step through the trick) and work on it element by element at moderate to slow speeds.
Do something else, such as other stuff I do know.
Stop. Walk way. Take a break. For me, that break could be an hour, a day, a week or month(I can get busy).

Do everything you can to help yourself. Wider yoyos can help on some tricks for learning. Sometimes switch to an undersized, full sized or oversized, whatever isn’t your usual. Different shapes and profiles may lend themselves better for your learning. I mix it up a lot, different brands, sizes, makes, models, shapes, strings, bearings. When I find something that tends to help me on a trickk, I stick with that for a bit to try to get the trick down. Once I feel it’s down, I will use other yoyos to re-inforce. By the time I am done, I usually have the trick down pretty good.

Whatever you do, don’t give up. Watch videos, maybe take a break. Find ways to help you improve.

I can do kwijibo, but this week, the second hop(to the double or nothing) is giving me grief. I was fine last week!

magic drop and the last pop of spirit bomb… especially because i can do tricks that are considered a lot harder/more technical…

Hourglass IS a difficult one. I’ve moved way past all those tutorials now, but that was one I could never get down smooth Like Andre does it… Urrrgh.

magic drop, brent stole.

The last part of superman

mine is spirit bomb. ugh.

i can do all the tricks i have attempted to learn complete ease

Magic drop. I got 1st in the Jr. Div. at MWRs and I still can’t do it. I hate it. I’ve watched Andres video over 20 times.