Magic drop!

Wooooo! Finally understand and can do magic drop after a loooooong time. Magic drop was one of the reasons why I took a break from yoyoing because a lot if tricks built off of it. Hehe there’s the people who get tricks right away and are pros after 3 months. and then there’s me here struggling still lol

Cool story bro.

I’ve been struggling for the first month believe it or not. It was quite avilliant and nerve-wrecking at the first month. The second month was a complete success.

I’ve been throwing for almost 2 years and I still can’t hit Magic Drop.


OP: Congrats. Magic Drop is a tough one.

In theory this trick looks easy, it just takes a really longtime to get it consistently.

Honestly since I first tried to do magic drop, its been over a year :stuck_out_tongue:

The tricks I have struggled to learn have the greatest value for me. Those tricks are the ones I consider when I’m having problems with something new. The moment I hit those difficult tricks, or felt, that I had taken another step towards mastering them, pure exhilaration. Much more so, than those tricks that came easily.

Don’t get me wrong, tricks that I nailed the first time still have value but the tricks that were more difficult have much greater value, at least for me.

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Awesome man, working on Magic Drop myself, I just got Spirit Bomb consistent this past 8-10 days… it took a very methodical way of breaking down the trick and a lot of practice, trial and trial, until I’d land it.

Then miss it 5-10 times, land it… now it’s land, miss, land, land, miss, land, miss, land… etc… the muscle memory is getting there.

Keep at it, take it easy and slow and you’ll learn the most complex stuff.

^Congrats on Spirit Bomb, berto.

But have we reached a consensus, yet that Spirit Bomb is much more easier to get consistent than Kamikaze? Lol.

DUDE! Are you serious!!! I was told that spirit bomb is the turning point for us… once you get past that, you are in the “elite”…

C’MON! hahahaha.

Kamikaze, you unicorn!

Too funny.

Maybe. If I remember correctly, I was also told that too by a guy in a hat who Throws a purple Yo-Yo. :smiley:

Both are very difficult when you are starting to learn them, the Magic Drop is an obvious necessity to do Superman. It seems like that is the evolved form of both tricks put together. That is what I am working on, now. When I first started trying Kamikaze and Spirit Bomb, I figured I’d never land them either but I did.

I am sure the really Elite Top 10 (or heck, Top 100) Yo-Yor’s, who ever they are. I’m sure they are very much past mine and your simple Spirit Bomb and Kamikaze talk. :wink:

Wow! Congrats! It took me about a month to figure it out. What helped me was that you make a gun shape with your hand but put your thumb sideways so the string can reject easier. I don’t know why no tutorials mention this. I’m still trying too figure out shockwave though :D.

one of the main things that helps when learning to do magic drop is the angle of your thumb and pointer finger this video helps alot

That video does help to understand it a bit better

The only thing that will help with this trick after you’ve watched all the video content you can on it, is just doing it and learning it.

IDK, not to brag or anything, but I got Magic Drop in like a couple of minutes… Nothing like working overnight to finish a yoyo IB project (Yoyo Trick Ladder!) for school the next day and having to film it at the same time… I was exhausted and frantic to finish. Spirit Bomb on the other hand I just skipped after 2 hours of intense work on it. (Shameful!)

Haha, I know I’m not the best at learning yoyo tricks, and have no doubt that there are many out there who can pick stuff up waaay faster than me

My magic drop is pitiful. Half the time, I land on the back string and THEN reject the string that was supposed to happen during the drop.

I have never had a problem with the one in Spirit Bomb Superman, though (there are OTHER parts of the trick that were hard!) because the tighter formation caused a much easier rejection. I’m sure they’re fairly equivalent for a lot of people but for me I don’t even think of the one in Spirit Bomb Superman as a Magic Drop!

Magic Drop… I know you and I’ve executed you… but you still mock me.

There’s no magic drop in Spirit Bomb, right?

Guh, I meant Superman