There's a new (old) epic sax guy!

At around 1:20 this guy takes off completely. And 20 seconds later, he just goes back to casually playing the tambourine. The “drummer at wrong gig” video is in the related list, with good reason. This guy just simply not belong in a Finnish Eurovision flop.

Fun fact for Americans: This video is from the age when all instrumentals had to be live, now it’s the direct opposite, you cannot actually play any instruments on stage, everything HAS TO BE SINGBACK.

That was awesome. Sax solo to the extreme and some sweet tamborining too!

P.S. I am aware that tamborining is most likely not a word.

It fits…but it kinda doesn’t.

i.m.o. he’s turned up way to loud.

My favorite part is still how he ends the solo, it’s like he all of a sudden realizes that he has to actually get back into the tune

Has anyone ever been Sax-rolled?