Theory on practicing yoyoing.

I have got a theory that could change the way you practice yoyoing.

It all started when I had a theory about the Mighty Flea. A way to hone your skills. Due to all the limitations, it could potentially be a good way to practice hitting it on the string.
Read more about it here.

So, I began to think about different ways to take that concept of making things harder and tried to apply it in various ways.

First, I tried taking out one Response pad (flowable silicone). Then I tried binding. It wasn’t impossible, but it was harder. I played two weeks like this. When I put the pad back in, I noticed that my binding skills improved.

The same concept could be applied to Lacerations/Suicides. If one kind of string opens up more than another, practicing with the one that opens up smaller first, perfecting the trick on that string, and then moving onto the other string could help. You would miss less as if you just practiced with the better string.

The idea is to get your brain used to the worse/harder kind, and then applying that to the better/easier kind. You would miss way less.

A good way to practice with this method is to have a Pocket sized yoyo with a small gap width with okay Response to bring around. You could practice tricks on this yoyo while you’re outside of the house.

I agree with you, although when i told my freinds they laughed me out.

I do a lot of these, not only for yoyoing but for everything I do, it’s actually a very valid way to train for many things

you can also combine technical limitations or “handicaps” along with focused training (a grind)

like a string that doesn’t open up a lot and a serie of 30 minutes of suicides only

you can apply this to basically anything, not only yoyoing

but by no means this is “new”, nor ideal, as it requires a lot of motivation and some patience, people, kids especially, don’t want to wait and want quick results.

anyway, it works, if you’re up for it, go for it

But when you think about it, it’s not always a good idea, and it’s probably a better way to perfect a technique than it is to learn it.

When you learn a trick in yoyo, you first have to learn how it feels when it lands, this way you can adjust your moves and “fine tune” the way you perform the trick. in this phase, you want the trick to land as much as possible in order to get familiar with the feeling.

but then, once you understand how to do the trick, you can use handicaps to make it harder, but at least you will already know what the right moves are as you figured them out before.

if you have to figure the whole trick hard with a handicap, it’ll take a substantially longer time just to understand fully what you have to do to do the trick in the first place.

I know I have some yoyos I like to use because they are more “challenging” than my main throws, and it does help, but I don’t go out and learn tricks on them, I practice my routines and the tricks I already know