Theory caps?


Do theory caps come off


Nope. They don’t cause vibe though and are pretty fun.


Yes they can, someone said its EXTREMELY hard and you need 2 people…

Ill edit with a quote…


I’ve taken them off for stripping before, all you’ll need is a very thin blade.


Whats the inside look like? Are the rims sharp?


The inside looks the same as the IRG of a Collid3r. And yes, the rims are VERY sharp.


Haha I didn’t know we were considering decapitating the yoyo lol.


Pics would be cool.

Also, sticking some YYJ Classic caps in there would be neat.


Imagine this- Theory caps on a Classic/Surge (if they fit)




yoyo spirit (correct me if I’m wrong) modded the caps on a classic to work as lateral caps.

(kclejeune) #12

Theory caps on a surge would make it a perfect plastic.


Idk if the sides of the theory are considered “caps”. The are part of the yoyo. Lateral caps are the same thing though.




Thinking about trying the Surge next :slight_smile:

(kclejeune) #16

If this is possible let me know!


When mrcnja finishes the mod on my classic your mind will be blown!