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This particular model is a collaboration between YYF and Kentauro Kimura, which to my understanding was a member of the YYF team. Kimura started the Turning Point brand of yoyos which I’m sure you’ve heard of. Therefore both brand names are printed on the inside cups of the Chaotic. I love collaborations because your getting the result of two pure sources of creation.

Enter the Chaos of the Turning Point-Yoyofactory Chaotic!!

Current YoyoExpert Price $89.00/ Or $96.00 for Splash Edition (Oct. 2011). [center]

Appearance:The Chaotic is a compact, simplistic, square looking, chunky, heavy rimmed beast. It looks thick on top and on the side. Each rim measures almost half an inch across. I like it’s thick look because it tells you exactly where it’s power comes from. That’s part of it’s appeal, its power as well as it’s price. As you may know Turning Point sells its yoyo’s around$150 mark which makes gettng a Chaotic even more attractive. The shape is very similar to the YYF Lunatic (also a Fundametal) but the Chaotic has thicker rims and a slightly wider gap. The Chaotic also sports an exposed, fixed, short axle which I love because it keeps center weight down to the bare minimum. My Chaotic is Metallic Gold with Black Splash. The gold is satinized and almost electric looking. It’s really sharp and stands out. It looks Wild, Bold, aggressive, and Dangerous. And It looks even more awesome with Black String! I’ve nicknamed it ‘Electric Bumble Bee’. hehe. But on the rims the splash lines look like tiger stripes. But Tigers don’t fly!


Feel:The feel of the Chaotic is solid, thick, meaty and pronounced. Even though it’s small, it feels big. In the palm of your hand you’ll feel those thick rims pressing against you as you squeeze it. Fortunately there is no discomfort because the rims are flat and softened enough to make returns comfy. The catch zone offers a good resting space for your middle finger too.

Play: The play on the Chaotic is very impressive. It proves to be an awesome throw on many fronts. For it’s undersized dimenssions, it can match up with full size throws and can easily own other undersized. The yoyo offers a lot of torque on the throw and the first noticeable things you’ll experience with it are; it’s excellent state of balance, stability, incredible spin time and Mammoth momentum. I still can’t get over it. It’s a real lenthy spinner. You have to try one to really appreciate it. Compared to other undersized throws In my collection, it beats spin times coming from the likes of the Spyy Stryker, One Drop 54, YYF Dv888, the 888x, the Nova and the Yuuksta to mention a few. It should be no surprise because none of those have the rim weight that the Chaotic has.

On the String, the Chaotic feels solid, SOLID and smoooooth and wonderfully unresponsive. When you look at its guts, you’ll see there is hardly any wall at all! And yet this yoyo binds really tight! How awesome. At 66 grams, it plays fast. You’d think it would be slow because of its chunky frame but no. It’s nimble and flies about fast and has excellent float. Doing Eli hops or Black hops or whatever is so easy. The fall of the yoyo is very precise. Seems to hit the mark on every landing. I just love it’s balance. Whether you use a flat or concave bearing, you will have excellent results. The thing stays in position from beginning to end, which makes it a great throw to practice your most difficult combos on. It’s a very reliable reliable, reliable throw. It has similar behavior characteristics as the MVP and Super G only lighter! You’ll throw less with the Chaotic.

The Grinding capacity of the Chaotic overall is excellent. It can do great palm, arm and IRGs. It has so much momentum, that you can grind twice or thrice in between your combos. Also No worries here about string drag which causes spin decay, again thanks to its very low low low wall hehe. And the nice wide gap ensures you can layer string to your heart’s content.

Conclusion: The Chaotic is definitely one of those yoyos that just keeps on giving. I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s a worthy addition to your throw collection. If you’re interested in a long spinning yoyo, don’t overlook the Chaotic. And if you’re interested in Turning Point yoyos but can’t afford that high price tag, the Chaotic is the next best thing. It’s Fast, Floaty, Balanced, Super Stable, Hoppy, Compact, and LONG SPINNING! Throw less, play more.

If you’re like me, I’m pretty sure you’ll become addicted to Chaos!


Do you have some machine that pumps you full of awesome juice? Another great review Red. I love the last picture, and the text you used as a caption with the picture, like when you explained the low wall. :slight_smile:

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You have so many yoyos I feel like I need some more. :smiley:

But anyway great review.

hehe yoyo juice through a flux capacitor hehe. Thx for stopping by big cat!!

thx trace. i have bought a lot, but also sold some too. got to keep refining the collection. thx for stopping by and stay cool

Excellent Review, Thanks.

I have been looking at the chaotic for a while.
I have liked its shape, but I prefer Larger throws or Mini throws.

But your review has made me reconsider it again.


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Hello and thx for the comments! If you do decide to get one, I’m sure you’re gonna love it. It’s a great undersized yoyo that offers full size power.

Is this yoyo unresponsive?


what’s up awsome guy. yes indeed this throw is very much unresponsive with a nice wide gap!

great review btw

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no problem, most reviews aren’t this detailed…