Anyone have thoughts on the YYF x Turning Point Chaotic? Stability, grinds, smoothness, flops, GRINDS, response, grinds, and maybe if you could throw in some info about grinds that would help. ;D

I guess nobody has a Chaotic?

I have one, and it’s really a yoyo live up to it’s name.
Playwise, it’s great, stable, but sometimes it inconsistent.
Great in good throw, not too good in bad throw.
Grinds are awesome, easy to control grind due to shape. Finish are great for grind.
And it’s pretty heavy on the string.

If you would like to read more, i know has a revew.
I’m on my cellphone so i can’t post a link, so sorry.

Regards, kristiawan.


Heres the link O0

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