Turning point shake review anyone?


Just ordered one. If there are no first impressions up when I get it I’ll post my opinions.

Im very curious as well how a made in china Turning Point plays, specially compared with the Japanese ones.

Same here. I’ll know soon though!

Me too! Looking forward to learning more about the Shake :slight_smile:

What do they cost

$84.99 plus shipping

Here are my first impressions of the Shake.

It is comfortable in the hand and looks very nice in person. I picked it up in gold and it’s also bead blasted for a silky smooth feel and nice grinds.

This is my first Turning Point yoyo and I must say it plays better than I expected. It has a strong spin that can knock out any trick, along with amazing stability and maneuverability.

YYE explains that this yoyo was designed by Turning Point in Japan, then made in China. This may throw some of you off, but the play of this yoyo really speaks for itself. If you’ve always wanted a high end competition yoyo for a fraction of the price it’s your chance now.

More reviews plez, only have heard 2 short thoughts on it so far
Need to fully convince myself to get it for my birthday

The Shake has a really nice shape, well distributed weight and plays like a high end metal for half the cost. This yo-yo is better than a large portion of the best $100+ yoyos I own and have owned or played. It’s a shockingly fast yoyo that doesn’t have a huge thud when you throw it. Super smooth grinds thanks to the blast finish plus it comes stock with a center trac which is always nice

Can you compare it to those other $100+ yoyos

by comparison to saaaay an arctic circle it has a solid feel when being thrown (I don’t forget that I have a yo-yo there but it still feels like it’s barely there all together) it’s fantastic for doing tricks on both the horizontal and vertical planes, it’s also rather good about not spinning out mid trick due to the way the weight is distributed. I can keep a good combo going for 2 minutes on a single throw if I give it the toss that is needed for such. The finish on it looks good (I got a gold one) and has a nice surface for grinding since it’s blasted that keeps it from really slipping off somewhere I don’t want it to go in the middle of a grind. and once again it’s got a center trac which is a fantastic bearing for high tier play.