The YYE Yoyo Records!!!!

Why don’t we have our own forum for the records we set or break and we could have one massive post with a list of all the records held by people.Of course that person would post with video proof.

For example:

Most loops: sonso7658
Longest Sleeper: someone656

What do you think?

I have also posted this in forum ideas but just want to get your feedback a bit better because i know alot of people don’t look at forum ideas.I think. :-\

Cool idea

That sounds like an excellent idea and it’d probably inspire more friendly competition amongst the forum users, provided it’s done correctly of course.

Something like this could actually inspire people to go for the real records as well. I actually kind of like the idea. This is what you call inspiration.

You’d have to list second-places for each category too. I already have a website, I don’t need more pages dedicated to me.


Yeah but true.I’d like this to happen.

Also why would I have too? Why can’t we have just a 1st place like guiness world records?

Why not list 1st to !0th, it would keep it competitive and active.
How about a category for most time on yoyo forums. It would be easy to check.

maybe it wouldn’t because technically…people joined before them so therefore the “time logged in” wouldn’t be right because it dosen’t show it per session.

And wouldn’t 1st - 0th make the mods a bit busier.I mean i’d help with it if i could…But it’s only mods and admins that can edit and sticky posts, am i right?

…The joke was that Elephark was saying that he’d get first place in everything. Good try though lol.

We did have a “How long have you been logged in?” contest like last year. It was pretty lame lol.

I think #1 records only would be a fine idea. We could probably have a judging committee consisting of mods and/or forum eXperts or individuals appointed by said mods/eXperts.

This idea’s just getting better and better. :smiley:

Wouldn’t that premote spam though?

Also i’m creating a list of rules.Post your rules and me and Elephark will review them.

My and Elepharks ideas was that you need video proof,
you can you can only post one break of a given record per week,
videos must not have music added,
they must also not be silent so you can hear the bearing sound,
for things involving counting, you’ll will have too count out loud or caption your count,

Hopefully the mods will put a “report record” button for these rules. hint hint

Also post your rule ideas and records to add to the lists.

This could be fun! Prehaps 1st-3rd or 5th would be easier than 10th?

On the condition that we prove our accomplishments…

That’s where the requirement of video submissions comes in.

sits in front of camera trying to film that magic mini GT i get while fooling around

I like that idea. I think the video should be able to be played in slow motion so the judges or judge would be able to count, let’s say loops.

Yeah i agree.

There are free media players with which you can rip videos from youtube and alter speed. It’s just a matter of having the software.