Let's See How Far We've Come

Any chance that we could get a progression area of the forum?

Like, have a person start a topic stating their name, and then every day they learn a new trick, they could post it in the progression chart forum. That way the General Forum and tricks section doesn’t get cluttered withthis kind of stuff, and people can re-inforce other yoyoers with the usual "good job"s and "way to go"s.

Just a thought.

I agree w/ this. I think this would clean up some parts of the forum and will give players a place to express their excitement for the progress they are achieving.

i dont think we need a whole new section, so…

My idea was the experience of being able to follow ONE specific yoyoer by just going to their individual “page”. Not to have to dig through posts to find one that I’d like to follow.

now that sounds complicated. also sounds like twitter

It’s not all that complicated.
In fact, a child board on this forum is all we would need to have this set up properly. Which each individuals “page” being a thread with their user name as the main title. It would be completely optional to do, which is the beauty of it. People who want to keep records, can. People who don’t want to keep records, won’t.

I approve of Q’s suggestion I think Mista888’s suggestion and advice is dumb as usual.
This would be a great idea. Or perhaps a method build into YoyoExpert to allow a user to create an interactive profile adding tricks to their list to keep track of sort of like a training regimine.

I completely agree, only why only track tricks, make it more of an online portfolio with listing sections like; Tricks, Tutorials, Competitions, Donations/Services/General Community Support, Freestyle video link directories (not actual videos, that could get cluttered). I like this idea because a lot of times you will stumble upon an amazing player and you want to find out more about them, only no dice on any searches, this could be a way for small time companies to scout for prospective throwers for sponsorship/representative work.

Just my $0.02…

I think that’s an awesome Idea! The Facebook of Yoyo, in other words?

And there’s Mi being cruel and blunt…

As usual. :stuck_out_tongue:


ugh i have to agree. although im COMPLETELY against targeting other people, mistaeight8eight does get a bit on my nerves. Q’s idea is amazing.

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Ladderescape is kinda like a Facebook for yoyoers. http://ladderescape.com/home.php

If we don’t do this i’m gonna make a thread with my name on it in the trick section. LOL