Any word on World Record Attempt?

I dont know where to look, or who to ask, and I doubt there is an answer yet, but anticipation is mounting and ive got friends and family that keep asking.

Did we make it? Or did we miss it by that much?

Does anyone know anything about it? ETA of info, or anything? Just curious.

Check the Guinness website

It hasn’t been updated yet, so we don’t know. But keep checking their website.

Ok, found it on their site. Turns out I needed to add a dash in between yoyo to make it “yo-yo” in the search bar. I was so confused as to why I couldnt get the search to find anything.

I got word this morning that we missed it by a couple of hundred people. So we got pretty close, but didn’t quite get there. :frowning:

Thanks for the resolve Steve. Sad news but at least we found some closure. Well try again sometime soon. :+1:

At least it was a couple hundred rather than just a couple.