The YYE Yoyo Records!!!!

Why don’t we have our own forum for the records we set or break and we could have one massive post with a list of all the records held by people.Of course that person would post with video proof.

For example:

Most loops: sonso7658
Longest Sleeper: someone656

What do you think?

yeah the only problem with that is anybody could say that they have the lognest sleeper or biggest yoyo or whatever. people can just lie.


what if someone like Icthus tried for longest sleeper but always has a lubd beaing so that you cant hear the yoyo?

Or can just edit it or something like that to make it look like it’s spinning. I personally think it’s a bad idea.

This is actually something that has been in the works for a little while! :wink:

Coming soon.


this is a pretty good idea.

Someone like Icthus wouldn’t, because people like him know that lubed bearings don’t spin as long.


icthus can get 7 mins on a FHZ…

…with a clean bearing.

Clean and extremely small amount of thin lube. Maybe a pin drop. Also that was about a week or so of play before I did that.



Elephark is correct though. Lubed bearings ALWAYS spin shorter than cleaned ones.