The YoYoJam


Since the M1 Is Discontinued already (And I’m also saving money for buying another Yo-yo), I won’t looking ahead in that Yo-yo anymore.

So, In your opinion (And Preference), What will you choose?

Speeder, X-Convict, Dark Magic, Atmosphere, Hitman or New Breed?


since you like the speedmaker, speeder is just right for you. i owned a Hitman, and it plays and feels great, super unresponsive. x-convict is JD’s 3rd yoyo, i think it has improved based on the hitman and the lyn, it has a funny winged shape. Dark Magic is a normal sized yoyo, thumb grinds really well and has a long, stable spin. the atmosphere is small, also designed for 1a and 5a.I haved’t tried one, but i heard great things about it. The new breed had a great and wide gap and really great for 1a. i can’t help you choose, but for me i would go for the hitman or the atmosphere

(Mikey) #3

If you hurry, there is some pad response left at


Shhhhhh… Your not supposed to tell him that until I get mine.
But any way there are 33 left right now.

(Jesse) #5

Out of those, the Atmosphere. I think it’s the best YYJ Metal Rimmed out there. (That I’ve tried) It feels like a DV888, and it’s just awesome.


speeder its such a great yoyo

(Mitch Ginder) #7

Why limit yourself to metal rimmed yyj’s? There are plenty of full metal yoyos out there for nearly the same price that play better and last longer.


Haha, What a gay person :stuck_out_tongue:

M1 Pad recces? I go Flow groove. :slight_smile: