The YoYoJam Fever | Review

About two months ago I scrapped my plans to do a Fever review. The model YoYoJam had sent me had a problem with the response wall that I did not identify until late in to the review session and snapping strings at exactly all the wring times. Once I identified the defect as a manufacturing error and not a design flaw, I knew it this unit had simply slipped through YoYoJam’s QA cracks and did not represent the product release on a whole. I scrapped the review and sent my findings directly to the company. I can’t tell you how important it is to contact the company directly when you have problems with a product. Yo-Yo manufacturers don’t intentionally release product at full retail with known problems like string snapping and excessive vibration. They know that you are going to talk to your yo-yo friends and a good yo-yo will quickly get a bad reputation. Val at YoYoJam got back to me right away with zero reservations, and we arranged an exchange. I am glad I didn’t review the first model sent to me because after playing the Fever for a week, I can tell you that the replacement model is indeed the true representation for the release line.

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