The yoyo you feel worst about moving on from?

A yoyo you really loved or perhaps just spent a lot of money on that you’ve moved away from either because your play style has changed too much for it, you now find it too outdated, or maybe it got so much play it’s too dinged up to perform like it once did.

I have not moved from Yoyofactory Shutter but the bearing in it is locked and I don’t have a spare so till I clean it. I’ll play others I still love it.


I bought an Eternal Throw Elysian at Canadian Nats with my hard earned money. I worked hard for that money. Anyway it soon became my favorite throw because you could finger spin for days and had the stability of a commercial airliner.

Then it happened. I left it on the kitchen counter. Me being my busy self and always elsewhere outside the house doing sports, didn’t see it get knocked off. Eventually I got a little curious as to where it went. I found it next to a bookcase screwed apart.

When I tried to screw it back together, one side of the yoyo was angled differently than the other. It had broke. I got real upset, but my parents told me that it was somehow my fault. It could be depending on the way you spin it.


Ohhh, the feels. :’( :’(

You’re in luck! We have more Elysians releasing soon!

I feel pretty terrible about trading my Code 2 Argonaut. It did lead to me getting a Cliff, but now I see it being passed around, someone kept the argonaut discs, so it’s just got a pair of ULs…

I’m getting another one, long story short, I didn’t really give it a fair chance for me to like it

2012 genesis… i keep telling myself im gonna buy another

I wish I still had my deep space Summit. At the time that I bought it, I was fresh back into throwing, and organics were my jam. Bought the Summit purely based on the deep space colorway. I wasn’t really sold on the shape and feel of it yet, and a very near mint black SPYY Addiction popped up on the BST, which was something I really wanted and knew I would love.

I was right, I did love the Addiction. But now I’m on my 3rd Addiction that I’ve traded for/bought, and don’t have the black one anymore. And now I know I would enjoy the shape and feel of the Summit, but I haven’t seen a deep space pop up recently. Really thinking hard about getting either an Iceberg or Maiderade version though, as those are the only two other colorways that I’ve liked on the Summit apart from Deep Space. Also thinking about trying to snag a 7 Summit.

But yeah. Kinda wish I had just bought that first Addiction and kept the Deep Space that I had…

This happens to me a lot. A new purchase will knock an old one from rotation. As of this morning I only have 1 CLYW on my “regular” shelf… and that feels… Just… Wrong. That being said, Puffin 2. Loved it when I first got it. Now I find it too heavy and the width/diameter doesn’t speak to me.

I recommend 7Summit over regular. 7Summit is still on the shelf ;D

I never really “move on” from any of my major yoyo purchases. They all do suffer from “Buzz Lightyear and Woody Syndrome” where I’ll be playing with the newest ones while the others collect dust…but eventually I’ll go back and mix things up and throw others in my collection.

…if yoyos could talk, I can only imagine what conversations would be happening here…
CLYW WM2: Hey gang, looks like some more new yoyos are on their way to Gumball’s case!
YYF Shutter: Aw…and I was just starting to enjoy going to Gumball’s work and hanging out on his desk while he works…and getting some fresh air on his breaks…

Czechpoint and Too Hot arrive and become the yoyos to be taken to work the following day